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It was possible to rescue the remains of a fortress from the 16th century during the revitalization of Palais Coburg and give this a new and worthy purpose as the stage for memorable events and as a safe place for the treasures of the Palais Coburg Wine Archive. Six wine cellars with perfect climates for the safekeeping of great rare wines have been established in different parts of this historic architecture; each cellar with its own unique characteristics and theme of dedication. The natural virtues of these cellars have been technically enhanced at the highest standards to ensure uninterrupted temperature and humidity stability which guarantee optimal conditions capable of protecting even the most fragile of wines.
More than 60,000 bottles of special and unique wines spanning four centuries have been archived, sorted and meticulously documented in a data bank. With the creation of the Palais Coburg Wine Archive, a new and significant place has been created in the world for wine culture according to the highest standards.
The Palais Coburg Wine Archive includes the following cellars for fine wine: the France Cellar, the Old World Cellar, the New World Cellar, the Rare Wine Cellar, the Yquem Cellar, and the Champagne Cellar.
These cellars are complimented by several beautiful rooms specially designed for wine tasting or wine and culinary presentations.

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