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The POK Pühringer Privatstiftung was established in 1995 and is dedicated to public welfare. Culture and scholarship are promoted in general and self-responsibility, community spirit and entrepreneurial action in particular. The POK Pühringer Privatstiftung aims to support this social evolvement at Palais Coburg, which has been revitalized under its commission.
Private foundations enjoy significant tax reliefs in Austria and create the possibility of undertaking projects that support public welfare. The POK Pühringer Privatstiftung takes special interest in providing financial support for difficult projects with high elements of risk which have an educational purpose and which are backed by convincing and scientifically-argued proofs of economic added value:

- Restoration of the Palais Coburg as a historic building, together with commercial and financial strategies to create approximately 100 jobs and to provide proof that such "uneconomic projects" can be meaningfully pursued.

- “Capital market conferences in the Palais Coburg" for entrepreneurs, investors and donors, with a focus on increasing equity returns through innovative use of the capital markets, in combination with patronage geared towards public welfare.

- A cultural self-financing project with the Vienna Boys' Choir, focusing on equity capital formation through optimizing cash-flow from securities and loans.

- The POK Pühringer Privatstiftung is a general sponsor of the Vienna Boys' Choir and works in cooperation with the Theatre in der Josefstadt, supports the Vienna Children's Theatre and gives performance scholarships to students of higher secondary schools.