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The historic casemates are a part of the historic defense fortress of the city of Vienna and comprise a unique event venue. The Long Casemate (270 m²) and the High Casemate (175 m², height 10 m) were used as an equestrian shelter and for ammunition storage. Weaponry was once pulled by teams of horses over the casemate ramp which still remains in part. These historically significant rooms have been scrupulously restored, just as has the entire Palais Coburg. The sandblasted brick walls, the pale limestone floors and the sensitively integrated lighting system yield a unique ambience for diverse celebrations and events. A separate dressing room for performers, a Bösendorfer grand piano and high quality performance technology (including built-in projection screens of up to 26 m² and a permanent light bridge) make the staging of artistic performances of the highest standards possible.

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