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Vault Room


The Palais Coburg vault room is a fully automated system
with state-of-the-art security features in right the heart
of Vienna. For renters the vault room’s deposit boxes are
accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A complex
system of locks ensures that the vault cannot be
accessed by unauthorized persons.


Renters of a Palais Coburg safety deposit box gain access to the foyer of the Coburg vault by means of a card and code.

The safety deposit boxes are requested from within discreet private cabins. Further verification is required with card and code.

The box is then conveyed fully automatically from the
vault room to the cabin.

The safety deposit boxes can only be opened with security keys. When the transaction is complete, the boxes are returned fully automatically to the vault room again.

Renters of safety deposit boxes have access to their box every day of the year around the clock.


The rental of a safety deposit box at the Palais Coburg includes insurance cover up to a value of € 35.000,-.
It is also possible to take out additional insurance cover
at a affordable rate of € 2.- per € 1.000.
Additional cost per year per € 10.000,-
insured sum: € 20,-
Additional cost per year per € 100.000,-
insured sum: € 175,-
Additional cost per year per € 1 million
insured sum: € 1.500,-

An additional charge also applies to distribution
amongst several safety deposit boxes, e.g. rental of
10 safety deposit boxes with insurance cover
of € 100.000,- corresponds to an insurance
premium of € 1.500,-


To rent a safety deposit box,
please visit Palais Coburg, Coburgbastei 4, 1010 Vienna.
Remember to make an appointment and
bring a valid passport or identity card with you.

After signing the contract and paying the fee, a member
of the staff will explain how to operate the safety deposit system. From this point on, you will have 24-hour a day, anonymous access to your safety deposit box.

The offsetting of safe rent is per calendar year.

Sizes and prices

SMALLL BOX (H x W x D; price per year)
40 mm x 235 mm x 330 mm
Rental fee per box: € 300,-

STANDARD BOX (H x W x D; price per year)
70 mm x 235 mm x 330 mm
Rental fee per box: € 350,-

MEDIUM BOX (H x W x D; price per year)
130 mm x 235 mm 330 mm
Rental fee per box: € 450,-

LARGE BOX (H x W x D; price per year)
190 mm x 235 mm x 330 mm
Rental fee per box: € 550,-

EXTRA LARGE BOX (H x W x D; price per year)
250 mm x 235 mm x 330 mm
Rental fee per box: € 600,-

€ 250,–
Prices incl. VAT and contract fee.
Dimensions: cassette interior

Seilerstätte 3 E, A-1010 ViennaTel +43 1 51818-200Fax +43 1
Please telephone to make appointments Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Access to the vault
Monday to Sunday, around the clock


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